Tina Frey Resin Housewares

by Tina Frey Designs

Drawing inspiration from the layered histories of our campus and geographic region, San Francisco designer Tina Frey created a custom collection of resin housewares just for Headlands. Each object in Frey's collection facilitates a playful connection with the natural environment: the planters bring the outdoors in, while the swings beckon you out.

Care: Safe for outdoor use or in bath areas due to shatter resistance. If resin becomes frosty, rub a tiny drop of vegetable oil onto the surface with a soft cloth to restore its luster. The frosty appearance does not affect the quality and usage of the item and can be left alone, if preferred. All pieces are comprised of food safe resin.


Tina Frey Designs is a San Francisco firm that has been creating modern housewares in resin since 2007. Frey finds inspiration in the organic forms of nature, as well as from her travels around the world. Each piece begins as a design sculpted in clay, from which handmade molds are created. The resin is then cast in small batches by color and sanded by hand to create pieces that have the soft touch of the handmade, yet are durable and shatter resistant.