Sold Out

Porcelain Votive—SOLD OUT

by Geremia Design

With inspiration drawn from the translucency of the raw porcelain material, these votives offer a warm glow as light shines through. A votive stands on its own as a singular object; when lit in volumes, the votives offer a rhythmic cadence in their flickering. An imprinted dot pattern shows the simple permutations of handmade mark making. Imagined by Geremia Design, each porcelain votive was handcrafted by San Francisco based ceramic artists: Rosalie Wild and Carol Koffel.


Owner of Geremia Design, Lauren Geremia designs commercial, residential, and event spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s a hands-on designer who draws on her fine arts background for concepts and designs. Lauren loves to blend eclectic modern materials, creating interiors that tell a story. Her designs incorporate unique pieces, including custom furniture that’s created by both Lauren and her friends who are fabricators and artists.