Petel Napkin Set

by Petel

These one-of-a-kind napkins were handwoven in Mauritania and hand-stitched in San Francisco. Crafted in small batches using hand-dyed fibers, each unique piece has a variegated hue of deep indigo. Versatile in function and beauty, these napkins can be used at the table, as a stunning accent to any display, or stowed in a picnic basket for your next trip to Headlands.

Set includes 2 napkins.


Founded in 2012 by Ibrahima and Julie Wagne, Petel is a partnership between artists, designers, and weavers in West Africa and San Francisco. Through collaboration with master Fulani weavers and San Franciscan craftsmen and women, Petel creates uniquely beautiful designs that cross cultural aesthetic sensibilities. Founders Ibrahima and Julie Wagne aspire to use Petel's profits to encourage the continuation of traditional textiles and hand weaving methods in Fulani cultures. Committed to exceeding fair wages, their profits have also benefitted numerous weavers and their families with additional resources and education opportunities for children.