by Anzfer Farms

The Fragment light series re-purposes driftwood into functional artifact. The lamps exhibit the naturally weathered patina, shaping and uniqueness of ocean tumbled wood. Wiring and modifications of the original fragment are modest and discreet with and attention to the overall sculptural presence of the object. The lights cast a romantic warm glow. The large globe bulbs create a symbolic complement to the natural irregularities of the fragment. The top and bottom of the stump is polished. 

The lamp bases are handmade from driftwood collected along the Pacific Northwest shoreline. Each unique lamp is cleaned, dried and has insulated wiring, a porcelain medium base socket, a two setting dimmer on/off clicker and 7 feet of rayon cord. The included 4" globe bulb is a filament style 40w bulb with a 3,000 span. There is an Anzfer Farms makers mark on the bottom of each lamp.
The base is roughly 6" high but size varies from piece to piece.


Anzfer Farms is a workshop and showroom located in the Outer Richmond District of San Francisco, started by Jonathan Anzalone and Joseph Ferriso in 2009 as a place to create unique objects and installations. Combining a shared interest in quality, craftsmanship, and design along with a passion for contemporary art and art history, Anzfer Farms draws no line between gallery and living space, functional and non-functional.