Sold Out

Heath Ceramics Mug Set—SOLD OUT

by Heath Ceramics

Headlands and Heath put their heads together to create a Headlands landscape-inspired dish set. “We tried to capture the colors, feel, and spirit of Headlands’ landscape and community by creating new glazes for these classic Heath shapes.” 

Set includes 2 handleless mugs.


Heath creates wonderful products of good and enduring design, where craft is intentional, creativity is mandatory, and pride and quality in manufacture are evident. Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic are closely tied to the area, living and working in Marin. They have led the company since 2003 and oversee production of Heath’s iconic tableware and tile at the Sausalito factory, just as they have been since 1948. The company employs fifty craftspeople to produce high quality, durable pieces that blur the line between everyday objects and family heirlooms. Heath Ceramics remains among the most enduring examples of midcentury design.