Carrier “Bucket” Stool

by Yvonne Mouser and Adam Reineck of New Factory

This item is available for pick up at Headlands only

A family of stools to carry your supplies and inspiration during your time in the Marin Headlands. The stools are made of Alder, a lightweight hardwood native to the Headlands. Each has a bucket handle to aid in carrying, and rubber feet to accept a variety of terrains.

3 types of stools for order: Sit, Stash and Strap (blanket not included).

13" x 16 1/2"


New Factory is a collaboration between Adam Reineck and Yvonne Mouser based in San Francisco, CA. The studio focuses on creating and reinterpreting everyday objects in order to engage people in new behaviors and meaningful interactions. Our goal is to rethink the traditional approaches to producing things in ways that promote the makers, and connect customers to the source of what they buy and use.