Building on a long-standing tradition of site-specific, place-inspired making, Headlands' editions program invites artists, makers, and creative practitioners to create lovingly and impeccably crafted objects in response to Headlands as a place, a concept, and an experience.



Blanket by Lookout & Wonderland

Book Easel by Anzfer Farms

Bowtie by Luke Fischbeck & Bowtie Cause

Candle Trophy by Lauren DiCioccio

Carrier “Bucket” Stool by New Factory

Headlands Coastal Kit by Aesop

Headlands Predator Tea Towel by Tucker Nichols

Headlands Scent by Captain Blankenship

Heath Ceramics Dish Set by Heath Ceramics

Heath Ceramics Mug Set by Heath Ceramics

Lamp by Anzfer Farms

Petel Napkin Set by Petel

Picnic Chop Block & Leather Scabbard by Scott Tal

Porcelain Votive by Geremia Design

Rucksack by Matt Dick of Small Trade Company

Scarf by Luke Fischbeck & Bowtie Cause

Tina Frey Resin Housewares by Tina Frey

Wooden Flashlight by Scott Tal

Wooden Spoon by Damon Little